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How much of their dirty laundry should both he and she air to their friends? They delve into everything , from whose career is more important to who should punish the kids to who should pay for dinner. Enlivened by their trademark humor and sassy and bold approach, the message in Money, Power, Respect is crystal clear: While money issues may lead to power struggles, this doesn't have to lead to lack of Respect.

In this perspective and insightful guide, Nick and Denene show couples how engaging in fierce, sincere communication will have both partners wearing the pants in the family. Tackling hot-button relationship topics from "Pre-Nups" to saving money, to airing dirty laundry, Millner and Chiles offer freewheeling advice "From a Sistah" Millner and "From a Brother" Chiles , always ending with a question for the other.

There is a voyeuristic appeal in reading these husband-and-wife exchanges, although the dialogue soon becomes simplistic and predictable. While they avoid statistics and the opinions of relationship experts, the authors draw heavily on references to books like Waiting to Exhale and films like The Best Man.

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Millner's penchant for generalizing "Why do men always assume A school of fish is a perfect example. If you studied the movement of one fish, you would have no appreciation for the shape and behavior that 10, of them together will produce. Essentially, the complex behavior they exhibit as a group is more than the physical motion of each individual fish.

Understanding that organisms, including humans, can self-organize into systems that have properties that are unique to the collective is a lens through which you can better understand the behaviors of large organizations such as a bureaucracy, political system, or a marketplace.

Western Europe in the 13th century was almost dysfunctional. Peace treaties were seasonal and monarchs would go into enormous debt to finance various exploits designed to take, or take back, land. Taxes were a certainty. Maybe beauty mattered, and there is some evidence that Kings and Queens did occasionally love each other.

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But money mattered more. High-class women came with dowries of lands and goods, which helped fund the ongoing conquests. Charles and Ventor and free rent for the next five rolls. Their father was a Count, which made them nobility, but not royalty. They had good marriage prospects, but not amazing ones. They should not have all ended up as Queens. Nancy Goldstone , in her book Four Queens , explains the geopolitical maneuverings that brought about this extraordinary set of circumstances. Marguerite, the eldest, was the first to marry.

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So Marguerite, pretty, but of inferior rank, was chosen, as long as her family could provide a dowry of silver marks needed for, among other things, dealing with the English. Eleanor was next, the second eldest of the sisters. Eleanor was even a less obvious choice than Marguerite. Goldstone argues that it is the first marriage that made all the difference for the second. Plus, Henry was sick of losing to France and so sought Eleanor out.

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Also unhelpful was that she was rumored to be the most beautiful of the four. They married, and Goldstone shows how her family connections helped him eventually buy the title of King of Germany, then part of the Holy Roman Empire allegiances changed before Richard could be crowned Emperor.

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Finally, there was Beatrice. Because he had no sons, the father of the four sisters chose his estate, the rule of Provence, to be passed down to his youngest daughter Beatrice upon his death.

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When he died, she was still single and therefore had the best dowry to offer. Goldstone notes that they were well matched in terms of ambition. Their political and military endeavors eventually gave them the title of King and Queen of Sicily. The key concept of emergence that is at play here is that components of a system self-organize to produce a state of affairs that is neither obvious nor predictable if you focus on the capabilities of the components themselves.

The coming together produces capabilities that are new.

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The internet encyclopedia of philosophy explains it this way:. Effects are resultant if they can be calculated by the mere addition or subtraction of causes operating together, as with the weight of an object, when one can calculate its weight merely by adding the weights of the parts that make it up. Effects are emergent if they cannot be thus calculated because they are qualitatively novel compared to the causes from which they emerge.