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I feel like I just don't belong there. When I'm with the low packs Just like to help people who are in need. It's all about being serious with those damn elders. I mean cmon can't we all just get along. It is stupid. Kuroi started to speak out to her sister The tanned wolf, sat next to the water.. She felt kinda bad in a way. Of course, she had a stupid smirk upon her lips, hitting her hand with her fist. Her ocean blue hues, stared straight ahead at Kuroi before she got close enough to wrap her arm around her.

You shouldn't be down there, they can hunt small animals, they aren't that stupid even though they look it. Soon enough the pale wolf looked away from the ambered hued wolf. Why on earth was she so depressing today? Without even a second thought the female wolf punched the woman in the back of the head. I know how much you love to watch me shine with victory. After all, It must feel so amazing for you to have such an awesome sister like moi. I mean what would you do without me? Die most likely, if it wasn't for me the Elder probably would've sent you to live with the lower packs already since you love hanging out with them so much.

I already slayed ya! Everything seemed to darken. Biora' hues grew cold Turning around to look at that tanned wolf, telling her to stand back, as a giant paw came down straight upon them. Besides don't you think trying to kill a wolf is kinda disrespectful! We're the same race, we are meant to work as a tea--, eh you know what She tried her hardest to dodge every hit, but at one point the female seemed to feel a sharp pain going through her armour, the wolf had clawed her, the purple armour was hanging on the most tiniest piece of metal, as a growl came from her.

At this point, Biora's emotions turned into pure rage. Biora, soon ignoring the ancestor's words, she went up towards something that looked like a mirror. A grin appeared upon her face as she smashed it with her foot. As the claw of her ancestors wrapped around her right foot, as she turned back to Kuroi. I am the chosen one after all! As her hues soon began to get a little fuzzy. That didn't last long, she nearly fell to the ground Thus he wrapped her arm around her..

The tanned wolf, groaned as she wanted to go lay down and just relax after her kill Thus she began to scold Kuroi as usual due to always hanging with the low packs. Biora had been right in a way if they were to repeat history again It was just another cause of their problems Even if the low packs can fend for themselves.. Kuroi was in a dilemma here. Thus she felt a punch amongst the back of her head.. A Low growl came from her gritted teeth.. After all, It must feel so amazing for you to have such an awesome sister like mom.

I already slew ya! Kuroi: Rolling her eyes, she scoffed only to perk up a smile as well Yeah Yeah, Biora.. Keep talking shit Miss Alpha, Hope your leg gets broken. It was revolting to her strong sense of smell. You a simply just a female wolf, you no business here. Kuroi had took a step back only to be on her territorial stance, due to not sure what was going to happen. Though she must have to hold back.. This was between Alphas.

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Her Gaze came toward the battle between the two wolf demons Thus she had been pushed out the way, gazing at the large paw coming at their direction! Her golden eyes widened when she could smell the scent of her sisters blood Kuroi was frustrated, balling her hands into a tight fist. When Biora brought her final kick down the head of the creure Kuroi snickered at her sister. Seemed the myths had been right.. She was the Alpha thus being the chosen one. Kuroi headed over to the pale wolf female..

Coming to her safety she slid beside her sibling, only to come to her aid.. But it was when Biora had said another wolves blood had been amongst the air Kuroi eyes widened She felt her heart beating faintly. The smell of the Sea Witch's aroma. The smell of the new wolves blood.. Kuroi: NO!!! Her eyes widened seeing blood splattered amongst his wolf armor.

Sukka: She came She killed Junkie If Kuroi was with us- His eyes widened keeping silence after. Kuroi placed her sister down, only to kneel to the ground, her eyes watered while she started to cry desperately. She clawed the terrain beneath her.. Just balling her eyes out. She felt that she broke her promise toward the low pack It devastatingly..

As her hues turned into somewhat of a glare. Of course, he was mad He had just lost his brother, but this doesn't make sense, that thing hasn't been seen in years, she had to ignore her own injuries as she stood back up. She didn't even show some type of emotion at that point. Why would you go somewhere that isn't meant for your skills?! Her anger surely wasn't a good thing at this point. Until she smelt the air The pain in her back only grew stronger, the stinging was honestly unimaginable, as she began to run her full speed, as the wind swung around her She stopped to see.

Her tail lowered down, as she walked through the omega area. Stopping as she saw the newly pups that had sucker marks all over them, ripped apart. The voice of a child in her head, just screaming at her It was making her insane. Taking two step backs from the murder scene. She couldn't bare the smell. As her senses nearly caused the raven throw up, as she held her hand over her mouth. Why would any demon do this? To the weaker tribe no less, that wasn't even talent That was just cruel play. For some reason, she felt like danger was still in the air Seeing her still there, she fell upon her.

Breathing heavily, still the smell of thick blood was still in the air Natu: About a week now. There getting the same symptoms. The Elder walked towards the cribs where the younger cubs were bundled and wrapped in cloth. His eyes studied them before he'd exhale. Claw, The eldest son of the Elder, stood at 6'7 with muscles the size of car tires and white flowing cascading hair. His eyes glowed a bright red, signifying that he was a powerful Alpha.

This was his pack. Natu rushed over to Claw, hugging him tightly while she buried her face into his bare chest, he'd hug her back his eyes staring out ahead of him. Elder: They suffer from the Infinite Plague It hasn't been seen in almost twenty years.

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It could only mean one thing THEY have returned. Elder: I do mean. The only thing that can save the children, is The Stone of Nirvana. Natu: Do you mock us Elder? No one has seen the Stone in twenty years since the last time it was seen in the East Quadrant. You wish us to leave our young on a wild goose chase. On a ghost trail? Elder: I can't expect you and your wife to leave, your children need you Using his enhanced senses to sniff them out from afar so clearly that he could literally see them even from this distance.

Elder: I think I Know just the two to send out on this particular mission I'll be waiting for them on Snow tip Edge. The two would have been given instruction to see the Elder after Claw had found them, and told them too. So does Arya, in retrospect, fit the prophecy? Most of the language of the prophecy is metaphorical, stuff about being "born again amidst smoke and salt" and able to "wake dragons out of stone," so who knows?

Certainly, it's safe to say that Arya's path through the story, in which she experiences severe trauma and forms herself into an elite assassin, has plenty of metaphorical smoke, salt, and dragon-hot anger to justify this reading. Sounds a lot like it could be Arya's dagger, which entered the story in the first season, when an assassin was sent to murder Bran with it, kicking off the War of the Five Kings that would kill off most of the Stark family.

From that fire of war, and through great sacrifice, Arya has managed to lay claim to this weapon and, in a moment of poetic closure, used it to protect the same Bran who survived the story's first attack with the dagger. Will we ever know for certain if Arya is Azor Ahai? Probably not. Martin's story has always been about how the truth of any story gets lost to the mists of time, and legends and propaganda all too often fill out the details of what people think they know.

The first Azor Ahai's story is clearly meant to be a fairy tale more than a straight recounting of the knowable history of this fictional world. The ambiguity, the inability to ever say for certain how we know what we know, has always been the point of this story. And by forcing often acrimonious debates in the real world about this, both Martin and the "Game of Thrones" writers have certainly proved their point about the tenuous nature of knowledge of both the past and of the future. Amanda Marcotte is a politics writer for Salon. She's on Twitter AmandaMarcotte. Buy Now, Pay Later.

Already a Subscriber? Log In Here. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: sign in Forgot Password? Log Out. Martin has written, don't trust prophecies in Westeros — they'll do you in As a platform for emerging artists, this festival boasts an. Not only do the installations. Attracting an impressive , people to the festival in , numbers were expected to match if not exceed these figures.

An impressive installation in terms of scale, is. An interactive audiovisual piece was brought to the festival from Matthieu Tercieux from Lyon, called. Using locations in the city where graffiti is forbidden, Graffiti Lights. A mystical piece from Luke Jerram from. A futuristic design blending romance and.

Left Page Museum of the moon. The seven metre diameter spherical moon globe floats above spectators who look upon it in awe. This Page 1. Pattern 5. Colourful projections of light flood the local power stations and silos in a well like residential suburb. Time Paradox. Large projections fill the walls of the St Pieterslpein. You are here Somewhere Else. An interactive installation with audiovisual qualitites 4.

Large Fire Tornado. A sixteen foot tall tornado of fire spirals infront of audiences creating a hot light source. Supercube, The Incredible Collection. LED strips and other light sources used to create flowing light art in deserted areas of the city where graffiti is normally banned. Held during the coldest time of the year, the festival aims to draw visitors out of their traditional winter indoor habitats,. Vicsek, comprised of two spectacular heads that react to each other through their 4, individually controlled LEDs. The structure,. On Saturday evenings during the festival, visitors were invited to dress in a creative, fun, winter-themed costume.

Participants entered the contest by posting a picture of their costume using the hashtag. Through this initiative, rides taken to and from The. As well, proceeds from the sale of love locks and onsite dollars collected from guests will be donated to YSM. Each site had a dedicated team of lighting designers made of up SLL members, from organisations at the forefront of the lighting industry. The concept involved teams of volunteer lighting designers.

Museum, Radcliffe Camera, and the Museum of the History of Science — buildings that are not ordinarily lit.

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The result demonstrated. The first event of its kind saw teams of lighting designers. The second Pockets of Light took place. We also saw some top lighting designers showing off their best work, which I hope showed people what our profession is all about. Combining their love of light and art, design teams showcased the practical applications of lighting and how it can improve and enhance architecture.

PINEA makes it possible to capture important qualities from daylight and integrate it into artificial indoor lighting. Natural biological effects can be addressed without changing the lighting in the room or increasing energy consumption. PINEA is developed to be an integrated part of a lighting design.

Plinths carry more than. In a world that is increasingly. Digital interventions can invigorate our public. Hull wants to start a conversation, about their city and its future,. Each has its own atmosphere, sometimes playful, sometimes ethereal, sometimes contemplative. As we approach the end of this. The robots pass light.

This installation was. At a site of historical significance, to Hull and the nation, this reflective piece asks the question: Where do we go from here? Smart Lighting Using modern lighting solutions and cultural localised influences, the Nighttime Design team have put together an innovative and engaging solution to urban illumination. This collaborative team was built up of Arup, the urban. Extended walking hours will have a positive impact on social interactions after sundown, will. Previous Page Full street view: a successful prototype-pilot.

The atmosphere is typified by highly accurate colour-rendering, an average lighting level which meets requirements, the nighttime, streetscape character is defined by lightning and lanterns, and accented by sparkle. Left The universal lanterns were fabricated by iGuzzini, technical project partner, and then localised by the neighborhood community. This one has been designed by a workshop attendee to feature the Mariamulata bird, an important symbol of Caribbean identity.

One of the focal points the project based their inspiration around, was the idea of whether better lighting would in turn create a better. In order to explore this theme further, the Nighttime Design team. Secondly, it was important to improve. These stakeholders. With this brought the interest of local residents and.

No need to worry about national targets, market shares, or compliance fees. We operate as non-profit, minimising costs to our members, so that we can provide your customers with a free recycling service for all WEEE lighting. The metre. January, had to highlight the bridge, maximise water reflections, be aesthetically pleasing from all angles.

While designing and installing,. With the fixtures positioned pointing away from the audience, the perspective. Special care was taken animating. The underwater lighting linking the bridge and islands combined submersible RGB Par fixtures and Victorian aviary to create a magical display. Light Art The third edition of the LewesLight Festival has proven to be another success, bringing together light, poetry and performance.

As a festival that brings together not just lighting installations but also poetry, performance and music, it provides an eclectic mix that catered for all spectators. For the festival, Lewes was transformed with installations inspired by the historic context of the town, which contributes to a narrative about the town and its people. Lewes is compact and walkable, and lends itself to a sometimes dramatic and sometimes contemplative illuminated trail. They were joined by undergraduates from the University of Brighton, and students from Northbrook College, Worthing and Plumpton College.

Opposite Page Top Left Church of St Thomas a Becket - Designed by architectural lighting designer Karen van Creveld, coloured lighting references ideas of rememberance and provision for those outcast by society, the modern-day equivalent of medieval lepers. Lighting includes backlighting of the stained glass windows, projections onto the external walls and candle light at ground level.

Yellow lighting and candle light is used to represent the yellow symbols the lepers were branded with on their clothing, along with the sticks with bells on they were obliged to carry. The installation is paired with the sound of ringing bells and a poem by John Agard.

Top Right Broom to Brunch - Touching on the British cultural past of growing fresh produce, this installation illuminates a lush market garden with an abundance of fresh flowers. This installation sees the collaborative work of Ellie Coombs from Nulty, who grew up close to Lewes, and of Claire Hamill, of Isometrix. UV activating tape frames the architectural elements, whilst sound waves can be seen through the glass of the building. Bottom A Matter of Exchange - London-based artist and designer Jack Wates produced an animated light installation at the heart of the Market Tower that would characterise it as a place of exchange.

The animation of light intensity is symbolic of the exchanges of money, resources and conversation in the marketplace. The theme for the festival was Trade, Industry and Commerce, with installations inspired by the town, encompassing and celebrating stories from history including the iron works and foundries, the river, the railway, harpsichord making, resident art and jewellery collectors, the market garden and the English civil war. This festival provided designers with a platform to develop their personal profiles, highlight their practices and demonstrate the importance of lighting in a public space, showing how it can be used as a promotional tool to advertise the town and encourage tourism, bringing business to local establishments; all of which forms the foundations for lighting strategies in many developed towns or cities.

Alongside the numerous lighting installations and artistic performances, the event also ran a short program of talks from notable lighting designers. Characterized with a ring light, IKAR is a fascinating alternative to conventionallyshaped downlights. The downlight family offers different mounting options track, ceiling, recessed and colour temperatures K. Being available in two sizes 65, mm and in different beam angle versions, IKAR is the ultimate downlight solution for a wide range of applications.

Each year brings with it new and exclusive artworks alongside emerging talents and workshops from. This year saw twelve light experiences span across Salford Quays. A microphone was placed under the River Irwell to capture the sounds underneath the surface, translating them from soundwaves into lightwaves.

A phone number was left alongside the installation where. Flock again after their successful collaboration in experiment, users of the app were anonymously. In this particular instance, the app anonymously paired. These connections. Brink Dance Company and Howl Creative produced the.

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Jennifer Taylor, Programme Manager at Quays. This time, we were able present two. We also increased the number of new SHINE commissions from three to four — a programme that supports emerging artists in the.

Oriental Treasures A new temple complex has recently been opened in the traditional pilgrimage location of Nanjing in China. The central hall, with a priceless relic of the Buddha Shakyamuni, radiates in light from Erco. The building is now a frequent venue for exhibitions, large-scale presentations, live shows and dance events. The high. The installation of LED lighting is part of the.

We bring quality to light. Exhibition rooms, a courtyard and an innovative. With this careful balance in mind, a differentiated lighting. The Urban Nation Museum presents contemporary urban art crafted by a series of national and international artists. The impressive new venue has been shaped by architects from the Graft studio, who pooled their resources to transform a former residential and commercial building from the.

The result is an all-embracing centre for urban. The implementation of the plans. Urban Nation has already worked. This was evident at the official opening, when the museum hosted a two-day festival to stimulate a public discourse between the city, artists, residents and passers by.

Arc Digital

Graft used the reconstruction of the interior to translate the 19th-century architecture into 21st-century design. At the same time, the rooms themselves stretch upwards over two storeys, leading to unexpectedly generous levels of. This is achieved with the help of the Intro ceiling luminaire family. Extensive adjustment options mean that Intro. Intro liteCarve, a spotlight.

The liteCarve reflector technology developed by Zumtobel. Coloured RGBW fittings add a special character to the window apertures on the fourth floor. Museum doubles as an event venue and presentation space for contemporary sculptures. The harmonious solution. When it comes to lighting management, the Litecom system from Zumtobel Group Services ZGS regulates the complete installation and offers simple and flexible lighting control for the whole Urban Nation building.

In , Lival was the first company to introduce a PL compact fluorescent fixture. Then, in ,. Now toys, clothes and interior design are presented. Lival luminaires make the bright colours pop and Finding the right light, that fits perfectly to the. BBL, K B. BBL version was a bit yellowish. As for choosing the right luminaires,. Emmanuel Clair of the Light Cibles studio turned to Linea Light Group to illuminate the delicate artefacts on display. The section devoted to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The fascinating challenge was to illuminate decorative objects from different dimensions and.

The exhibition rooms are fitted with adjustable optics luminaires that, alongside moulded Vektor fittings, create a suffused, staged lighting in which the light. As a result, the paintings emerge from the shaded walls as if lit from within. The large glass display cases showcasing statuettes and artefacts in ceramic and glass have had Reika fittings installed. These linear profiles with asymmetrical optics.

The decorative glass panes located in front of the room windows are illuminated by Xenia fittings,. Old halogen devices have been replaced by LED technologies, which contribute to reducing. Lighting Al Fresco Gewiss brought its Urban [03] environmentally friendly lighting system to Milan, illuminating its CityLife district park and offering up high energy savings in the process. CityLife, was attended by 70 world-class architectural design studios.

The main objective was to transform. Safe and accessible to all, it is also a space. In terms of technical requirements, guaranteeing high energy savings and reducing environmental impact were the main goals. Characterised by a simple, pure design, the Urban [03] lighting blends seamlessly into the architecture of.

The system, which is equipped with a bi-power device to regulate the luminous flux during the darkest hours, enables energy savings of percent. It also complies with. Paris Mon Amour Building on the know-how acquired over the years in the field of lighting works of art, Targetti was selected to light the 27 side chapels in the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Touch of Glamox Two of the largest cruise ships in the Color Line fleet have been given a vibrant, colourful boost, thanks to the installation of LED strip lighting from Glamox, that help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for passengers.

LED strips provide a continuous line of light under the railings of the promenade deck, creating a warm, inviting and exclusive. It can be fitted quickly and easily with individual mounting options and is designed for. AL45 LED strips can be installed into ceilings, walls, floors, steps, shops and canopy rails. We throw in design, testing and knowledge as part of our complete manufacturing service - so you walk away with exactly what you want.


Custom LED Solutions, at surprisingly good value. The show is always a hotbed for new product launches, so we take a look at just some of the products that will be on show at the Messe Frankfurt this time around. More importantly though, is the arc stand, partnering with our sister publication darc, we will be located on the busy foyer walkway outside hall 4. Off the trade show floor, the Intersec Forum on connected security technology will take place from 19 to 23 March, while the biannual Luminale festival of light and culture will once again take place across Frankfurt, providing some light relief away from the exhibition ground www.

With a new chipset and optic system designed from the ground up, this high power floodlight now features higher energy efficiency, and features class leading output in both white and quad colour LED versions. In fact, the white version reaches more than one million centre candela, while reducing power consumption by 20 percent. Hall 4. They can be installed with recessed mounting with steel or aluminium flange or without flange or in the wall version. The features that make this family of products unique and extremely versatile are its wide range of optics Narrow Spot, Spot, Medium Flood, Flood, Wall Washer and Elliptic 20xdegrees , different lengths and power packs, and the choice between monochrome versions warm white and natural white and multi-colour RGBW.

Hall 3. Brite 2 panels OLEDWorks Light affects our mood, improves our well-being and enables us to experience and achieve more. But OLED light does even more. Using the tried-and-trusted LED lens optics from the Skim range, they feature high levels of visual comfort optimised according to the application and enable the lighting to be adapted at any time to changing office structures or layouts. The lighting fixture is available with opal or microprismatic diffusers. With full end to end homogenous diffusion, KURV-Y is designed to be recessed into curved architectural details and surface mounted via clips or extruded aluminium channel.

Hance Lamp Lighting The Hance from Lamp Lighting is an indoor spotlight model for accent lighting, available with luminous packages of approximately lm for 48V powered and lm for v powered, with warm and neutral colour temperature and Super Spot, Spot and Medium Flood optics. Its unique body is made of lacquered aluminium injection, with finishes in texture white and black. Void Astro Lighting Discreet and minimal in design, Void offers a comprehensive variety of trimless downlights that blend into its surroundings, while producing glare-free illumination.

Covering a wide range of lighting requirements, Void offers a selection of different colour temperatures, sizes, colour rendering and bezel choices. Hall 5. The four-degree beam is the most precise in the market, perfect for pin spotting from high ceilings, whilst the ground-breaking DRX zoom light engine adds an extra dimension of flexibility. Odeon Flood Claypaky The Claypaky Odeon Flood family is a range of compact, lightweight, stylish, easy-to-install floodlights for architectural use IP65, IK09 available with various optical units 15, 25 and degrees and aesthetic finishes.

The Odeon floodlight enhances historic and artistic monuments, public and private buildings, architectural structures, and parks, trees and gardens, as well as businesses such as shops, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres. Hall 8.

It can be configured with any combination of white and RGB modules on one fixture. RGB and white light are usually controlled separately, resulting in control complications and increased system cost as two separate sets are needed. It is suited for applications in convention centers, sports arenas, theaters, and worship spaces.

Cardan Evolution Zumtobel The turnable and tiltable Cardan evolution luminaire from Zumtobel fuses outstanding flexibility with a timelessly simple design, enabling both sizes of this recessed downlight M and L to blend harmoniously into a wide variety of architectural settings. An extensive range of accessories adds even further creative scope by fulfilling a wide range of precise accent-lighting tasks. In this way, Cardan evolution stands out as a multifunctional lighting tool characterised by excellent colour rendering and a choice of light distributions.

Hall 2. Designed for accent lighting applications, its small dimensions mean it can be fitted in display cabinets, shop windows and small places without generating an invasive presence on the scene. So tiny in fact, that one of the designs is smaller than a one Euro coin and another fits inside a toy plastic egg. Flexible and lockable, the spotlight delivers clean light distribution from exceptionally discreet modular designs. Supplying lm with just 1W, Atto is available with a wide range of optics, finishes and mounting options, allowing selection by aesthetic, beam distribution and colour temperature, to suit any type of display.

New invisible adapter and a patented invisible driver that is up to 35W, which can work with up to four standard projectors or 15 mini spots. It features Precision lenses and TIR for very narrow, narrow and medium beams with high candela values up to Zedge Pro Targetti Zedge Pro is the new floor washer lighting fixture designed by Targetti in collaboration with Gensler. With larger dimensions mmxmm it maintains its perfect proportions and sloping design of the smaller version with particular attention to every aesthetic and functional detail. A professional tool ideal for lighting pedestrian walkways or large horizontal areas, Zedge Pro is equipped with a special optical system that allows for maximum flexibility of use for specific design requirements of architects, designers and lighting designers.

Focus Unilamp Focus is a completely new family of outdoor spot lights engineered from scratch. The shapes and overall small dimensions make it possible to install Focus in most professional and residential lighting applications. High quality optics provide accurate beam control and offer a wide selection of light distributions. Focus can be customised with accessories such as filters, honeycombs, shields and various mounting solutions for poles and surfaces. The minimised amount of needed tools and usage of quick connectors simplifies the installation.

CAS D Instrument Systems Visitors to the Instrument Systems stand will be able to experience advanced measuring stations for spectroradiometric and photometric measurement tasks: The new stray light corrected CAS D is the first high-end array spectrometer that can reliably assess the blue light hazard from light sources within the prescribed limiting values. Accredited light measurement solutions for colorimetric quantities with unique measurement accuracy and future-proof service are also shown, e. Fitted with one high power LED, this image projector delivers a bright and accurate rendition of graphic designs or logos in outdoor and indoor locations.

It is available in two variants. Top View variant takes over for 2D bends perpendicular to the luminous surface. The fixtures can be tilted degrees out and ten degrees inside the ceiling through the revolutionary Motolux remote control or Casambi smart-phone app. Moto-Palla 70 with a ceiling cut of mm and a height of mm discretely fits in low ceiling voids. The innovative optical systems designed for the Orao line guarantee visual comfort, safety and enhanced quality of space.

The Orao system includes different installation methods and a tilting system for meeting the specific functional and architectural requirements of any environment.

The Voidwalker update brings a mysterious portal, new LTM, and a bunch of cosmetics.

Rotosymmetrical, symmetrical, asymmetrical and street optics are available, as well as solutions for pedestrian crossings and wet road surfaces. The family is made up of three versions: single optics, four optics in a line elements in 1x4 , and four optics in a square elements in 2x2. The optics are available with different beams: 17, 30, and degrees, 17x45degrees; white light with CCT K, K and K. Because they have been optimised for use with LED technology, their parameters exceed those achieved by similar competitive products, despite their compact size and low weight.

In addition, the original design of the housing is emphasised by optional colour versions. The use of different optical systems provides high quality lighting. Cosmo FX is the perfect solution for numerous lighting applications: from residential interiors to offices, schools and industrial facilities. Bow Grupo MCI Bow is a stylish and versatile luminaire designed to highlight the outer edge of windows and arches. Being available in two sizes 65, mm and in different beam angle versions, Ikar is the ultimate downlight solution for a wide range of applications.

You can choose a different shape for the head but the result is always the same: target the light beam in a strategic way. An innovative design offers the flexibility to follow curved surfaces, encircle columns and domes, and to make irregular shaped pendants. Available in uplight and downlight versions, surface mounted or suspended, and with a lumen output of up to 5, lumens per metre, Centura is ideal for a range of application areas including architectural, hospitality, leisure and retail.

Centura offers complete flexibility, adjustability onsite and a choice of colour options ensuring there is a solution for any lighting challenges. Oreo Roxo Lighting The Oreo range, with its minimalist 35mm aluminium profile as well as the elegant and clearly defined contours, allows new lighting concepts, contemporary visual effects and unique creative solutions for your space. Equipped with the latest LED technology, the Oreo range is available in suspended horizontal, angled and even vertical positions that you can combine with sixteen colours and inside or outside light distribution.

Its unique surface design provides excellent colour uniformity and comes with a black holder and an optional installation tape. A degree spot beam will be followed by medium and wide beams in 45mm and 35mm diameters. Bilton Air Bilton The new Bilton LED module series Bilton Air is a highly flexible silicone tube and, in addition to protection class IP67, guarantees top light quality, an effective heat dissipation and is resistant to external influences UV, salt, chlorine, etc. The LED strip light can be shaped flexibly and is available in three different light colours.

At the same time, Marco will minimise light spill and reduce glare, making it ideal for retail or gallery projects. Ingenium ZB compatible, Marco allows users to have wireless control of their lighting and integrate it with existing ZigBee systems. L-UGR has two different recessed body options at xmm and xmm. Fusion DesignLED The lighting industry has been looking for diffuse area lighting products with the function of OLED giving low glare, high uniformity and scalability, but at lower cost, increased reliability and better performance. They can be used in water more than metres deep, while being protected against ingress of dust and close range, high pressure and extreme temperature spray downs at the same time.

SmaCT range Sagitario The SmaCT range is a set of multi-functional digital controllers, even for OEM applications, designed to provide full control and data tracking of the light fixtures installed in a project, in terms of voltage, current, working temperature, light output and smart performance. These powerful fixtures are suitable for the illumination of buildings, sculptures, pedestrian areas and gardens. The new range offers has optimised beam control and delivers exceptional lighting performance. All of the Terra family are easy to install, they are compact in size and conform to standard building regulations.

Available in RGBW, Monochromatic, and Tuneable white, the Terra Plus family features very high lumen output, and motorised tilt adjustment of -2 to degrees. Excellent transparency, high optical clarity, long term durability. No need for extra protection. The lenses allow immediate switching from conventional lighting to SSL, and can be easily installed in existing fixtures.

Temperature resistant from —degrees Celsius to degrees Celsius, they are UVresistant, with a non-yellowing effect, and designed to comply with IP65 and IK10 ratings. CW Glamox The new square addition to the popular C95 family is finally here. Glamox CW is an elegant wall-mounted luminaire, in two neat sizes. The family is characterised by a clean, minimalistic design and fully illuminated surfaces.

The edge lit technology allows for a slim profile and sleek design. Glamox CW is also available with integrated emergency lighting. Scan to watch the video. Devina Fagerhult Devina combines a timeless design with scope for customisation to provide an exterior lighting solution, which not only illuminates but also creates an identity in public spaces.

The perfectly symmetrical cylinder was developed according to the most enduring of design principles, the Golden Ratio. Each Devina has a distinct visual language, which speaks through the carefully curated composition of materials. Choose between the pre-defined styles or create your own expression with different textures or colours. You can also choose from different luminaire colours and colour temperatures.

The luminaire can therefore be individualised according to personal taste and tailored to suit the most diverse requirements and spatial conditions. Accessory Package Optics Tridonic The Tridonic portfolio has been expanded to include a complete accessory package of lenses with various beam characteristics.

For the three-row LLE 55mm modules, the company also provides the corresponding optics enabling various light distributions for applications in offices and shops. This accessory package supports luminaire manufacturers in developing luminaires in a quicker and more cost-optimised way. Thanks to the high-quality PMMA materials used in the manufacture of the lenses, they achieve optical efficiency of up to 95 percent. This lightweight reflector is easier to process and more rigid without backing. Esalite Gewiss The Esalite features Italian-design, modularity and robustness mould into a new, originally-shaped range of functional high-bays and architectural floodlights for green areas and general outdoor lighting.

Assuring high performances from up to lm outputs, Esalite guarantees high degrees of protection and impact resistance, especially for industrial applications. Equipped with built-in DALI control system, high-quality LED source and optics, this Gewiss product range perfectly matches specific needs and expectations of end-users and lighting designers. In the latest version of the DIALux evo 8. Choose your beam angle and tailor this fixture to your space and lighting needs in minutes. Multiple direct and indirect beam angles range from ten to degrees.

Square and rounded profiles are available with a combined power and support cable. Custom powder coat and anodised finishes available upon request. Caliber Wall unonovesette Caliber Wall is an extremely efficient compact LED wall-light recessed wall or in-ground drive-over, designed with an angled perspective of 30 degrees for optical excellence and engineered for complete resilience.

Caliber Wall features the unonovesette Smart Shield system, complete with an integrated constant current driver, which allows the luminaire to be powered in parallel with a 12Vdc up to 24Vdc constant voltage power supply. Aspen Hacel Designed and manufactured in the UK by Hacel, the new stylish and sculpted Aspen range of prismatic LED pendants offers excellent light distribution and performance. Hosting a classic design with perfect proportions, the Aspen is a versatile solution for a range of applications. The clear lens increases the light output compared to a diffused lens so the energy used can be reduced.

The unique section shape is customisable to mimic the form of the building. Sometimes an eye-catcher, at other times showing the way, it accentuates entrance areas or emphasises architectural contours. It is safe to walk or drive in for vehicles with air-filled tires, and can be implemented in variable applications from user-friendly small applications to building automatism systems.

The lower housing rotates against the mounting arm housing, providing precise adjustments without significantly changing aesthetics. Always Light David Morgan casts his eye over the Lif system from Selux: a comprehensive urban lighting system based on a minimal pole design. Hermann Bansbach in Berlin in , when the city still lay in ruins with hardly any electricity — or light.

America, and Australia. The Lif system is one of the latest amenity lighting ranges to be added to the Selux range. Lif is a comprehensive urban lighting system based on a minimal mm diameter pole. As many elements of the system as possible are designed to fit within this diameter. The only elements that extend beyond the pole diameter are signage, phone charging points, emergency phones and information points. Within each LED luminaire type there are multiple options.

The design detail and construction of the mm long. Twelve high David Morgan Associates, a Londonbased international design consultancy specialising in luminaire design and development and is also MD of Radiant Architectural Lighting. Email: david dmadesign. For each. The front glass is bonded to the die-cast enclosure. Two or four sub-assemblies comprise each post top element with either symmetrical or asymmetric distributions.