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This resource blends quantitative and business perspectives to provide an in-depth understanding of the derivative risk management skills that are necessary to adopt in the competitive financial industry. I mean, some of the term sheets I've seen are just downright bizarre. Well, thanks to Dong Qu, the expert in both quant finance and the business side, now I know. Dong covers everything from creative ideas, country specifics, regulatory issues, and tax implications, to modeling and risk management.

This is an excellent book, unique for its breadth of coverage, genuinely for the whole business of quantitative finance. Dong Qu proved I was wrong. Not only does this volume focus on the main industry-standard pricing models, it also sheds light on the typical workflow and development process of derivatives contracts in banks, from quant library design to meeting new regulatory risk-management requirements.

I wish this book was out there when I started my career as a front-office quant! Written by an author with over 20 years of experience in the industry, this book joins practical hedging, risk management and regulation issues with sophisticated yet not overly complicated maths. An absolute must for all practitioners and very informative for academicians. Dong Qu uses his vast experience of working in major global banks to create an operationally relevant textbook, delivering a range and subject matter which is very readable and applicable in today's financial markets.

Manufacturing and Managing Customer-Driven Derivatives (The Wiley Finance Series) by Dong Qu

He writes clearly and authoritatively on all aspects of the life-cycle, manufacturing and regulation of structured products. He also uses his mathematical skills to explore and clearly explain pricing models, whilst never ignoring the practicalities of applying quantitative models to actual risk management requirements.

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Manufacturing and Managing Customer-Driven Derivatives Manufacturing and Managing Customer-Driven Derivatives sheds light on customer-driven derivative products and their manufacturing process, which can prove a complicated topic for even experienced financial practitioners. Explore the fundamental components of the derivatives business, including equity derivatives, interest rates derivatives, real estate derivatives, and real life derivatives, etc.

Examine the life cycle of manufacturing derivative products and practical pricing models Deep dive into a wide range of customer-driven structured derivative products, their investment or hedging payoff features and associated risk exposures Examine the implications of changing regulatory standards, which can increase costs in the banking sector Discover practical yet sophisticated product analysis, quantitative modeling, infrastructure integration, risk analysis, and hedging analysis Gain insight on how banks should handle complex derivatives products Manufacturing and Managing Customer-Driven Derivatives is an essential guide for quants, structurers, derivatives traders, risk managers, business executives, insurance industry professionals, hedge fund managers, academic lecturers, and financial math students who are interested in looking at the bigger picture of the manufacturing, pricing and risk management process of customer-driven derivative transactions.

Equity Derivatives. He is credited with being instrumental in industrialising barrier reverse convertibles.

The barrier protection feature has since become a market stalwart as an industry- standard risk-reduction tool.