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JBoss AS 7 book published !

Chapter 3 , Configuring Enterprise Services, will teach the reader how to model the core Java Enterprise services using the standalone configuration file.

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Chapter 5 , Configuring a JBoss AS Domain, teaches the reader how to shape the domain server configuration and which is the criteria behind the choice of a standalone or domain server configuration. It also discusses the class loading mechanism which that is used by the application server when applications are loaded. Chapter 7 , Managing the Application Server, teaches the reader which management tools can be used to control the application server instances.

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  8. Chapter 8 , Clustering, covers the AS 7 clustering capabilities that serve as an essential component to providing scalability and high availability to your applications. Chapter 9 , Load Balancing Web Applications, discusses the second important concern of clustering, which is the ability to make several servers participate in the same service and do the same work.

    In other words, it discusses how to load balance the number of requests across the available servers. Appendix , provides a quick reference for the most common commands and operations that can be used to manage the application server with the CLI. You can freely download the first chapter from Packt Pub site.

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    JBoss AS 7 book published! What this book covers: Chapter 1 , Installing JBoss AS 7, will introduce you to the new application server, depicting its most important features and showing how to install it on your machine. Related articles available on mastertheboss.

    JBoss AS 7 Development

    The second part of the book shows how to develop Microservices on Thorntail using the Enterprise API discussed so far. Therefore we will learn how to:. Please select a merchant. Description A hands-on practical guide disclosing all areas of Enterprise development , covering details about the future of Jakarta EE with lots of examples to be run on either the newest WildFly application server or on Thorntail environment. How to use Maven plugin to simplify your project scaffolding Learning the foundation components that constitute the backbone of your applications: EJB, CDI 2.

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    How to encrypt the communication of EJB applications and Web applications. You will learn as well how to install the tools required for developing applications Getting ready for development discusses the basic steps for configuring the foundation of your Maven projects using the available WildFly archetypes.

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